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Alison Bell

Business Operations Manager

“iinsight® has allowed us to spend more time working on billable tasks, increase our client case load and minimise time spent on administrative tasks.”Read more

Nicole Grant


We required a web-based case management system that could be accessed remotely, and that promised to be secure. The softwareRead more

Melanie Parker-Doney

Managing Director

iinsight® has helped our business to have all information close at hand, with the ability to access case notes, reports using templates, outcomes andRead more

Kaye Bruce & Hannah Essaih

Rehabilitation Consultant

iinsight® provides us with a one-stop place to store all our client records. Before using iinsight® we had folders upon folders of client filesRead more

Scot Weeks

Managing Director

Our Consultants have been thrilled with the move to iinsight®. The web-based software allows them easy access to case information regardlessRead more

Alison Bell

Business Operations Manager

iinsight® is a very versatile product and helps us to access case notes, reports, invoices, costs and many other features with ease of access in a user friendly format.Read more

Kristin Tainker

Rehabilitation Services Manager

There are regular new features and innovations which continuously enhance the system and the friendly Support team listen to our needs andRead more

Managing Director

Managing Director

I have used other case management software – but iinsight®beats them hands down! It has kept pace with our rapid business growth with itsRead more

Kerry Byers

Manager Return to Work Services

We have really enjoyed our experience with iinsight® since implementation. The lead in and introduction of the system to our team was smooth andRead more

Margaret Barry

Occupational Therapist

Last night I entered all my client details and billings into the system – took me 30 minutes for each client – a task that previously took me 3 hours for eachRead more

Tania Dhaillon

Director & Principal Consultant

iinsight® has been a huge benefit to
my business making case management so much easier. I particularly enjoy the iPad capability of iinsight®Read more

Peter Scott

Managing Director

iinsight® has made a tremendous difference to the productivity of our consultants and our Managers have easy access to real time data aboutRead more

Clinical Services Manager

Business Operations Manager

iinsight® has been a great asset to us it has taken the headache out of invoicing and as a manager it is so convenient to look up all the clients andRead more

Donna Perrett

Business Operations Manager

We have been users of iinsight® since 2010 and have watched it grow and improve every week. iinsight® has helped our business to have allRead more

Donna Perrett

Donna Perrett

We have been users of iinsight® since 2010 and have watched it grow and improve every week. iinsight® has helped our business to have allRead more

Sarah Rossi


IINSIGHT has provided our team with a readily accessible and user-friendly case management system which has streamlined our case notesRead more

Ben Holden


iinsight® has an intuitive ‘feel’ about it and I found it very easy to adapt to, I trialled some alternate packages which were quite confusing. iinsight® hasRead more

John Ainscough


Previously we were using an Excel spreadsheet system to record our case notes and submit invoices. iinsight® has been fantastic in that it hasRead more

Diana Vissers


While process change is expectedly difficult, the transition was easy for us. The software allows for extensive customization, and thisRead more

Kevin Loades

Director of Operations

iinsight® has made our daily management of cases a lot easier. It allows us simple access to client files, billing details and invoices,Read more

Tara Trethewey

Director of Rehabilitation Services

iinsight® has drastically improved how efficiently and effectively my company streamlines, tracks and organizes client, customer, employee and financialRead more